025 Endo Shigemi
026 Sakata Kenjiro
027 Isono Masatoshi
028 Inoue Shinji
029 Hashimura Tokio
030 Hieda Masahiro
031 Nakamura Shunichi
032 0ka Kazunori
033 Egashira Ryosuke
034 Egashira Yoshiharu
035 Matsuoka Shinya
036 Hirata Issei
  and Suenaga Fum
037 Hashimoto Kouichiro
038 Sakemi Toshiro
039 Matsunaga Shinichiro
040 Takahama Koji
041 Moriyama Eiken
042 0kabe Yoshinori
043 Nakane Kazuhiro
044 Sakamoto Eiji
045 Nakamura Yuji



The American Hardwood Export Council(AHEC)is proud to sponsor the 2001 Eco-Furniture Contest and is pleased to see it has attracted so many beautiful and unique pieces of furniture and other hardwood products. The designs found in this book were created by forty-six furniture craftsmen and artisans from Hida/Takayama region in central Honshu and the four Prefectures of northern Kyushu-two regions with renowned woodworking traditions.

Each design entered in the contest makes imaginative use of the natural beauty found in American hardwoods, such as color variations, pin knots and mineral streaks. By incorporating these natural characteristics into their designs, AHEC hopes to encourage wider use of the many hardwood species and grades unique to the U.S.A These designs were created with #2 common hardwood lumber and speaks to the wide-ranging possibilities for using hardwood as a natural element for products that are not only healthy for the environment and consumer, but that are also beautiful and practical.

All of the materials for this contest were donated by American hardwood industry to help develop greater awareness of American hardwoods and to promote their efficient and environmentally friendly usage. We hope that these exciting designs are an inspiration for housing professionals, designers and consumers alike.

Michael S. Snow
Executive Director
American Hardwood Export Council

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